cPanel is another offer made by most of the hosting companies. It is the most advanced Providing web hosting service and associated functions are the mottos of all hosting companies and in order to attract clients to them, they offer many of those functions or features free of cost or unlimited. There are many such functions or features and some of them are PHP, MySQL, Perl, Site Builder, web mail, IMAP support, etc.

Control panel for the web hosting clients with a lot of features

Its main advantage is that it can be used by a new person who is not having much knowledge about it. It is designed to make all the administrative functions of the web sites easily. It can handle all aspects of web site administration in its interface. Also, it gives you the option for back up your data whenever you wish.

There a number of features associated with cPanel such as video tutorials which allows easy learning, change cPanel style will allow to make changes in the look and feel of cPanel, Eamil accounts giving you option to manage the email which is associated with your domain, web mail to check your mail from web browser instead of independent application like Microsoft Outlook, MX entry maintenance feature for changing setting on delivery of a domain's email, disk usage viewer to check the size of the files which occupy maximum space in the site, FTP management for accessing your web site files, password protection directories enabling username and password control and limit access, IP deny manager can provide you with the control to deny access to IP addresses to your web site, hotlink protection deny linking from other web sites to your files, leech protection for preventing leaking of passwords by your users to others, PHP extension, MySQL database management functions, image tools to view and modify images in your account, index manager giving you option to style indexes, Cron jobs for automating scripts and certain commands in your site and network tools giving details of a domain, etc. some of the top features enabling cPanel to be the complete web host control panel.